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SubjectRe: Locking Between User Context and Soft IRQs in 2.4.0
Andrew Morton wrote:

> y'know, if we keep working this patch for about a year we
> might end up getting it right. Thousand monkeys and all that.

Yeah, probably still a year until the release of 2.4.0. 8)
Now where did I put those darn bananas...

> - With this patch applied, the module refcounts for netdevices
> will show doubled values in `lsmod', unless those drivers
> have been changed to remove the now unneeded MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT
> macros (perhaps with the above 2.2-compatibility thing).

Assuming that nobody has all the MOD_..._USE_COUNT things culled
from a tree somewhere already, I quickly hacked up the following
script for drivers/net:

for i in `grep -l 'MOD_..._USE_COUNT;' *.c */*.c`
mv $i $i~
cat $i~ | \
sed '/^$/{N;s/.*MOD.*COUNT;//;tz;b;:z;N;s/^\n$//;};/.*MOD.*COUNT;/d' > $i

It looks ugly but it zaps out the extra blank line when MOD_.*COUNT
had a blank line above and below. I had a quick look at the resulting
diff (4200 lines!) and it looks like the post-script hand editing will
be minimal (e.g. a few arcnet drivers have MOD_*_COUNT as the only code
in an if block).

We might want to filter the file list created by grep against VERSION_CODE
as people with that in their driver(s) probably don't want the wholesale
deletion of MOD_*_COUNT. (OTOH, drivers that have VERSION_CODE that
supports 2.0.38 or oddball 2.3.x versions could probably be pruned...)

That still leaves the addition of dev->owner = THIS_MODULE into
each device probe. One *hackish* way to do this without having to
deal with each driver could be something like this in netdevice.h

- extern void ether_setup(struct net_device *dev);
+ extern void __ether_setup(struct net_device *dev);
+ static inline void ether_setup(struct net_device *dev){
+ dev->owner = THIS_MODULE;
+ __ether_setup(dev);
+ }

Ugh. Probably should just add it to each probe and be done with it...

Paul. (aka. monkey #937)

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