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SubjectRe: [BUG REPORT] TCP/IP weirdness in 2.2.15
Hi Thomas,

On Fri, 3 Nov 2000, Thomas Pollinger wrote:
> Running a 'cvs get' on the Linux clients of a larger source tree
> eventually hangs the client in the middle of the get process. The
> hang is *always* reproduceable (however it does not always hang at
> the same place, sometimes after 1', sometimes after 5' to
> 10'). Several runs on Win NT did not show this problem.
> At last, I tried to do the same on another HP-UX box and there was
> no blocking at all.
> What is interesting to know is that between the HP-UX server and the
> HP client is a Linux router with a 3c905 card, 2.2.14 kernel.

Let me see if I understand this correct:

Client Router Server
Linux Linux HPUX Bad
WinNT Linux HPUX Good
HPUX Linux HPUX Good

With all Linux boxes version 2.2.something

Is this correct?

This is slightly different from my situation; I had a Linux client and
Linux server directly connected to the same switch (3Com Superstack

I found the client always hung in my test; this was only visible at
the end of a SPEC run. Analysing tcpdump etc showed that in fact it
died somewhere early in the test, almost always before 10 minutes
worth of run.

In the end I 'fixed' the problem by using a HPUX server :-/ ... I
observe that there _are_ some SPECweb99 submissions with Linux (the
Tux result), I'm curious to know if the people who actually did the
test run experienced any problems...

Perhaps if I get time I'll repeat the experiment with (a) the most
recent Alan pre-2.2 kernel and (b) the most recent 2.4-test kernel...

I'll re-iterate my original request, which was not "it's broke - can
you fix it" but was "okay, how do I go about tracking this one down?"


Stephen Landamore, <> Zeus Technology
Tel: +44 1223 525000 Universally Serving the Net
Fax: +44 1223 525100
Zeus Technology, Zeus House, Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0ZT, ENGLAND

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