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SubjectRe: Kernel 2.4.0test10 crash (RAID+SMP)
It may be a filesystem problem, I had a problem like this with a 200GB raid 0 
array using reiserfs, it went down 3 times in 2 days. I switched to ext2 on
md0 and everything has been fine now for weeks.

On Sunday 05 November 2000 16:08, ryan wrote:

> > Hi,
> I tried 2.4.0test10, but I get a kernel oops quite often. I have
> configured my kernel for raid and smp ... autodetected raid, in the
> kernel everything, so no raid modules necessary. But when I go to boot,
> it starts to reconstruct the raid array and fsck the /dev/md0 and
> eventually it just crashes on me. Kernel oops. A message like:
> "Detected LOCKUP on CPU0"
> or sometimes its CPU1...
> If I dont use raid its cool, if I remove smp its also cool. So the
> particular combination of raid+smp seems to be the problem.
> My hardware is :
> Asus P2B-D, 2 PII-400
> 128 mb ram in 2 * 64 dimms (pc100)
> Matrox G400 singlehead.
> Enqsonique ENS1371
> Realtek 8029 Ethernet card (ne2k-pci )
> I have included my config that causes this problem.
> Incidently mga DRI doesnt work either in either SMP or non-SMP
> kernels... it just locks up the console, the system is still running.
> maybe I'm missing something?
> My software resembes Debian woody,
> gcc --version:
> 2.95.2
> Hope this helps.
> -ryan
> (PS: my raid array is from a 2.2.16 patched with the latest raid patches
> for that kernel... debian raidtools2 uses this patch, so its the "latest
> one". I'm not sure how relevant this is)

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