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SubjectOOPS when using 4GB memory setting
Hi all,

Please respond directly since I'm not on this mailing list.

I have 2 intertwined problems that my initial web research has failed to
reveal help. I recently upgraded machines and the new one has 1GB RAM. If I
build a 2.4.0pre10 (or 8 or 9, I haven't tried earlier) kernel and chose the
1GB memory setting then only 900504 K is detected (but everything runs
stably). If I chose the 4GB memory setting then the full 1 G is detected but
I get oops. I can reliably force an oops by mounting a samba drive and then
accessing it (via ls for example).
So, is this a known issue? Should I do an oops analysis? What can I do to
fix this?

Also 2 items of note. The kernel that comes RetHat 6.2 detects all of the
RAM and is stable. Related to this, although not that important, I also
noticed that via this RedHad kernel, hdparm shows memory access (not disk)
of over 200 MB/s. On my 2.4 kernels this is about 120MB/s. Any ideas why?
Second, it is a dual PIII system so is an SMP kernel, if that makes a

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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