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SubjectRE: i82808 hardware hub RNG
> I wrote a daemon that fetches (as root-user) random numbers from the RNG
> the i82808 (found on 815-chipsets).
> You can download it from .
> Currently, I'm trying to rewrite things into a kernel-module so that one
> a standard character device which can deliver random values then.
> Please give it a try as I do not own a PC with such a motherboard ;-/
RML> a driver for this already exists in 2.4 and was recently back-ported to
RML> 2.2. it works on i810, i815, and i820. it features a char device for
RML> grabbing entropy and a timer device to inject the entropy directly into
RML> /dev/random.
RML> Jeff Garzik wrote it.

Got any URLs?
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