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SubjectRe: Sample device driver - 2.2 and 2.4 support?
Richard A Nelson wrote:
> I've been assigned a device driver that uses the old (2.0) PCI
> support APIs - and is still working on 2.2.
> I need to get this driver working on 2.2 and 2.4, I'm assuming I'll
> need to go switch to the newer PCI stuff - but am curious about the
> toleration support in later 2.2 kernels; is it complete enough that
> I can migrate to 2.4, and still compile on 2.2?

You can still use the 2.0.x PCI functions on 2.4.x. They are slower
than the 'struct pci_dev' versions of the functions, because each
pcibios_xxx call incurs a call to pci_find_slot().
> The device:
> 1-2 DMA
> 1 IRQ
> The driver:
> mkalloc
> __get_free_pages
> virt_to_bus
> request_irc
> wake_up
> The driver has similiar functionality to a sound card:
> Send/Receive (possibly large) data to device via DMA (page fixing, etc)
> Is there a cononical example (esp. wrt 2.2 <-> 2.4 changes) I should look
> at ?

That depends on both the changes and your driver... Every driver is
different, so nothing is really canonical WRT driver API changes. If
your driver is similar to a sound card, then look at drivers/sound/*.c


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