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SubjectA little help in SCSI Device Drivers
Respected Sir,
I had got your mail from and came to know you are
working under drivers in Linux. I am also working in this field,
I would like you to help me out with one problem as I am stuck here
and couldn't proceed further.

I am working in a project that involves making a low-level device
driver for a SCSI card (Symbios Logic sym 53c810) and the problem
that I am facing is with interrupts. There is a kind of a script
processor in the card to which we give some instructions to interrupt
and the IRQ line 10 is supposed to be interrupted. Now the problem
is we request irq 10 and provide our ISR entry, but this ISR is never
called infact when we check /proc/interrupts or /proc/stat, there is
"0" value infront of our entry.

I have verified that interrupt has occured in the SCSI as I had
polled and found out. Now I am not able to get where could be the
problem as the interrupt is ocuuring from SCSI side and also the card
is working fine that I have checked.

Could you suggest some possible solution to this?

I would be awaiting your precious suggestion.


Nitin Dhingra

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