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SubjectRe: modular kernel

[yes I feed trolls sometimes, it's fun]

[Taco Witte]
> Some days ago, I read about the idea of a completely modular kernel.
> I think it's a very good idea, because it would make it easier to get
> more people work at the same moment, development would go faster.

I contend that the barrier to entry is already quite low, as proven by
the fact that *I* contribute to kernel development, albeit rather
little. What evidence do you have to the contrary?

> It would be possible to make groups for a certain part of the kernel
> (for example sound, or filesystems, or main) with own group pages
> with status info and todo's and own mailinglists (it would divide
> this enourmous flow of mail into smaller parts).

Run the following command in the Linux source directory:

grep '^[LW]:' MAINTAINERS | sort -u | more

Then come back with your hot new ideas about having different mailing
lists and web pages for each subsystem.

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