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SubjectRe: corruption

In article <>,
Andrew Morton <> writes:
AM> In thread "File corruption part deux", Lawrence Walton wrote:
>> my system has been acting slightly odd on all the pre 12 kernels
>> with the fs going read only with out any messages until now.
>> no opps or anything like that, but I did get this just now.
>> EXT2-fs error (device sd(8,2)): ext2_readdir:
>> bad entry in directory #458430: directory entry
>> across blocks - offset=152, inode=3393794200,
>> rec_len=12440, name_len=73
AM> 3393794200 == 0xca493098. A kernel address. And 152 is 0x98,
AM> which is equal to N * 0x20 + 0x18. Read on...

Don't know what these do for your analysis, observed on
2.4.0test12pre2, compiling mozilla.

EXT2-fs error (device ide0(3,11)):
ext2_readdir: bad entry in directory #409870: directory entry across blocks
- offset=88, inode=3284439128, rec_len=36952, name_len=196

EXT2-fs error (device ide0(3,11)):
ext2_add_entry: bad entry in directory #344273: rec_len % 4 != 0 - offset=0,
inode=1769234798, rec_len=28271, name_len=85

Recompiling it with 2.4.0test12pre3 last night did not cause any fs
problems, at least that I've noticed.
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