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SubjectRe: Fasttrak100 questions...
"Jeff V. Merkey" wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 29, 2000 at 09:08:30PM +0100, Henning P . Schmiedehausen wrote:

> > I use heavily patched kernels with lots of inhouse-stuff on a regular
> > base for my inhouse use and there is _no_ way for you to even get a
> > glimpse at it. I don't give this to anyone, it's all just my personal
> > stuff.
> Depending on the terms of your use of the code, the Copyright holder
> can obtain an order compelling you to hand over the code from a
> State or US District Court Judge, if you are using it under the terms
> of the GPL and fail to provide the modifications upon request, and you
> are shown to be "converting" business opportunities to your own
> benefit with it, GPL or no.

I think you should re-read the GPL. You only have to provide source to
people to whome you have distributed your new binaries, and you only
have to provide that source if you are asked for it. If you have some
code that you have written that is based on GPL'd code, and you are the
only person that ever runs the binaries, then there is no obligation for
you to make your code available to anybody.

Only once you distribute the software to others do you have to make the
code available, and even then you only have to make it available to
those who have the binaries. Of course, they can then turn around and
do whatever they feel like with it, but thats a different issue.

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