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SubjectRe: 2.4.0-test11: es1371 mixer problems
On Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 01:47:25PM +0100, Dick Streefland wrote:
> Dick Streefland <> wrote:
> | 2.4.0-test11 introduced a problem with the mixer device of my SB128
> | soundcard (es1371 driver). When I start a mixer application like
> | xmixer or aumix, only a small subset of the mixer devices are available.
> | With 2.4.0-test10, using the same .config, all devices are available.
> This is a followup to my own message to report that the mixer is
> working again after I disabled the CONFIG_SOUND_TVMIXER option. I
> don't know what exactly this option does (no help text), but since I
> have a Hauppauge (BT878) TV-card, I did enable this option. In
> test11, drivers/media/video/tvmixer.c was modified so that it now
> looks for tvmixer devices, and it actually finds one:
> tvmixer: debug: MSP3415D-A2
> tvmixer: MSP3415D-A2 (bt848 #0) registered with minor 0
> tvmixer: debug: (unset)
> This mixer probably replaces the normal AC97 mixer device. So, in
> what situations do you need CONFIG_SOUND_TVMIXER? It would be nice if
> someone could come up with an entry for Documentation/

In fact it does not 'replace' the other mixer device, but it adds
another one. The problem on your system is, that you load the new
module before your sound card module.
This means with only your sound card module, the mixer for your sound
card is major 14/minor 0. With tvmixer module loaded before your sound
card module, major 14/minor 0 is assigned to tvmixer and your sound
card mixer gets major 14/minor 16. This is a problem for some mixer
applications, because they always control the first mixer device.
So you should just make sure, your sound card module is loaded
_before_ the tvmixer module.


Robert Schiele
Tel./Fax: +49-621-10059
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