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SubjectRe: DMA for triton again...
Guennadi Liakhovetski wrote:

> Thanks!
> > Chipset is a 430FX, Same hard drive as what you have. Pentium > 133, 48 meg ram. Kernel 2.2.17 with raid patch, and ide patch.
> I don't think I need tha raid patch, do I?

No, its just left overs from my playing with a Promise Ultra/66 card. Even without the raid and ide patches, i can use DMA

> Intel Morrison64 (not Morrison32!) aka Advanced/MN (in some sources Advanced/AL). BIOS AMI 1.00.03.CA0 (upgraded to 1.00.04.CA0).

Opposite side of the spectrum from the utter crap this DataExpert is. =) Had to get a modified bios, to get a 13.6 gig to exist in the machine without locking it up
on the POST. Yes, you can tell it no bios, but without the ide patches, it's _very_ slow.

> What version of hdparm are you using? By the output it looks like 3.9, patched? Did DMA work from the very beginning? Can you send me a copy of your .config file?

standard hdparm 3.9, from debian woody. The difference is i used -i, instead of -I, i think. I'll see how mangled my .config is.
Looks somewhat clean, a few modules i don't use. I'll send it in a seperate email.

I've got maybe 3 or 4 of these machines in service as backup servers for small lans. Small 1.6 gig boot drive, 13.6 gig data drive, a cdrom, and a IDE 7/14 gig HP
tape drive. Speeds aren't too bad, and DMA seems to work on the parts that support it.

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