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Subjectext3 vs. JFS file locations...
Hi Gurus,

I was trying to build a super-big kernel with allot of Journaling File
System inside it to try out what is best for us to use. Now, I
encountered a problem..

It seems like both IBM's JFS and ext3 wants to use fs/jfs .. IMHO that
is like asking for problem.. A more logic location for ext3 should be
fs/ext3, no?

Anyway, just my thought... It might already been discussed for what I

BTW.. If you find time to reply on this post, please put me on the Cc:
line - I am not on the mailinglist, generates too much mail I have no
time to read...

Best regards
Michael Boman

I was using 2.2.17 as base for my patches..

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