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SubjectRe: Dual XEON - >>SLOW<< on SMP
On Fri, 3 Nov 2000, bert hubert wrote:
>> Thanks! That patch did the trick - our machine is now running lovely.
>Your very rare problem was solved in 3 hours and 50 minutes. Most commercial
>support shops try and fail to deliver 4 hour response times - this makes me
>feel warm inside :-)

To be fair, the _problem_ wasn't solved in under 4 hours. He was given an
answer to a known problem in less than 4 hours.

However, you are correct in implying linux support is, in many respects,
far better than that of any commercial OS. Anyone tried explaining to
Microsoft or Sun that something is broken? They both immidiately assume
you are an idiot (I;m sure that's true more offen than not) and proceed
with an attitude of "how dare you suggest our OS is broken."

<Insert stories about USR here. I was just dealing with RADIUS. God help
us if their modem code looks like that crap.>


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