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SubjectRe: select() bug
> > Semantic issues aside, since Apache does the test I mentionned earlier
> > to determine child status and since it could be misled, should this
> > feature be turned off?
> Or made smarter yes

i'm scratching my head wondering what i was thinking when i wrote that
code. the specific thing the parent wants to handle there is the case of
a stuck logger... you'd think i would have at least put some debouncing
logic in there.

(the parent is able to replace a logger without disturbing the children
because it keeps a copy of both halves of the logging pipes.)

an alternative would be to look for many children stuck in the logging
state (they make a note in the scoreboard before going into it).

paul -- if you want to just eliminate that feature (it'll still be able to
replace the logger if the logger exits) go into src/http_log.c,
piped_log_maintenance and comment out the OC_REASON_UNWRITEABLE.


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