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On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Alan Cox wrote:

> > xfree 4.0.1d supports it, but the screen flicker so hard, that is is
> > unusable.
> Ah there is a trick to that bit. If you have some i810 stuff then XFree does
> funnies if you have DRM enabled.
I did disable loading drm/dri module from xf86config/kernel module
It acts the same.

> The following combination I know works
> 2.2.18pre18
I have 2.4.0-test10
> XFree 4.0 rpms from Red Hat (not 100% sure which 4.0 set they match sorry)
> DRM disabled in the XF86Config.
debian 4.0.1d
> On my i810 the DRM/flicker problem isnt present but I have seen other folks with
> it and disabling the direct 3d stuff cured it.
what other modules?
> 2.2.18pre18 also supports the i810 audio reasonably well. For full UDMA ide you
> want 2.4test or 2.2.18pre18 + ide patch
which driver?
I couldn't get i810 ihc driver go in 2.4.0t10
Alsa works, but it plays pcm like micky mouse (faster).
They said, it is fixed in the CVS i haven't tried/

Alan Cox is my man.
Narancs v1

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