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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4 Status / TODO page (Updated as of 2.4.0-test10)
Alan Cox wrote:
> > * Check all devices use resources properly (Everyone now has to use
> > request_region and check the return since we no longer single
> > thread driver inits in all module cases. Also memory regions are
> > now requestable and a lot of old drivers dont know this yet. --
> > Alan Cox)
> Folks have done most of the common drivers. So its not really a show stopper
> now just a 'clean up'

s/check_region/request_region/ is moving along, but there is still a
ways to go. I agree with "folks have done most of the common drivers"

I have seen very few additions of request_mem_region, though.

> > * Issue with notifiers that try to deregister themselves? (lnz;
> > notifier locking change by Garzik should backed out, according to
> > Jeff)
> and according to Alan

Fixed for a couple versions now.

> > * Spin doing ioctls on a down netdeice as it unloads == BOOM
> > (prumpf, Alan Cox) Possible other net driver SMP issues (andi
> > kleen)
> Turns out to be safe according to Jeff and ANK

To avoid Andi confusing the issue :) ...

1) The first item listed does not exist

2) the second item listed exists -- many net drivers are not SMP. They
are most of the way there, but there are still small races which exist
in some drivers.


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