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SubjectRe: corruption
On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> That still leaves the SCSI corruption, which could not have been due to
> the request issue. What's the pattern there for people?

Linus, I confess that at the time (when I reproduced this problem on my
SCSI-only 4way/6G machine) I did not realize the importance of observing
the pattern or even just saving the log. No, I was _not_ just being stupid
but rather it was _so_ easy to panic Linux at the time (for various
reasons) that this one looked like just "yet another panic" somewhere.

Now, I am trying hard (lots of kernel compiles, bonnies, diff -urN between
linux trees, cp -a linuxA linuxB etc etc) to reproduce it and I can't.

All I remember from memory was those messages about "freeing stuff not in
datazone" etc. They were the same messages as I had on an IDE system and
the same as Mohammad and others reported on the list recently.


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