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SubjectRe: corruption
On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Ehh, this is a stupid question, but I've had that happen too, and it
> turned out my /tmp filesystem was full, and it runs out of space only with
> certain large link cases (never anything else, because all the other
> stages of compilation are done with -pipe and do not use /tmp files).
> I'm embarrassed to even mention this, but I'v ebeen confused myself.

No, I did check my /tmp, I can assure you. Well, no, I did _not_ but I do
not have a separate /tmp. I like huge root filesystems (until recently,
when I realized that I most often corrupt/work in /usr/src so it's now
separate and there are multiple roots for disaster recovery) so checking
that root was OK implied /tmp was OK.

Also, running out of space in /tmp can hardly cause a bunch of ext2
messages about freeing blocks not in datazone etc.


PS. I do have another filesystem which is separate from root, i.e. /boot,
again shared amongst all roots but I doubt ld(1) is storing anything in
/boot :)

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