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SubjectRe: [PATCH] removal of "static foo = 0" from drivers/ide (test11)

Russell King <> writes:
>The only difference is the size on disk; if we go around setting every
>bss variable to zero, the kernel/module data size will unnecessarily

Hmm, what about common symbol generation? i.e. the linker looses the
to throw out "multiply defined symbol" errors where you fail to
initialise it
to a value.

Okay extern global variables in the kernel need to be controlled and it
is not
like many get added, however it is possible that one developer may never
it is already in use by another part of the kernel, when their oh-no-new
is added. Since the linkers assistance in this issue has just been

Is 'gas' able to be configured to never emit common symbols, but emit
symbols instead, or is 'ld' able to be configured to never merge common
symbols but throw up "multiply defined symbol" errors. Then everyone is

>We already argue about the extra couple of bytes that xx change to the
>kernel/a module would cost. With these change, we save kilo-bytes in
>disk space (which is important on some systems).

PDAs!!! :) Excellent work Russell.

Darryl Miles
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