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SubjectRe: corruption

On Wed, 29 Nov 2000 wrote:
> > can you give a rough estimate on when you suspect you started seeing it?
> I reported both cases. That is, I started seeing it a few days ago.

I wasn't trying to imply that you hadn't reported them well.

It's just that I was born with a highly developed case of Altzheimers, and
I have trouble keeping details around in my head for more than about five

I'm half serious, btw. It's not that I don't have a good memory, but I
tend to remember patterns and how things work, and I'm _really_ bad at
keeping track of details. This is why I absolutely depend on people like
Alan Cox etc who maintain lists of problems, and who are good at gathering
reports on what kinds of machines see it etc. I just suck at it. I really

Anyway, it tentatively sounds like it might have been request corruption
by the new re-merge code. It fits the details, you having IDE and all. I
see that you can't at least easily reproduce it in pre3 any more, but if
it turns out later that you still can, please holler. Loudly.

That still leaves the SCSI corruption, which could not have been due to
the request issue. What's the pattern there for people?


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