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SubjectQuestion: Serial port device drivers...
I am trying to develop a device-driver to sit above the standard serial port -
in other
words, multiple processes can communicate with the driver which will translate
information into the required serial datastream for the device. (This could be
as a separate daemon-type process, I know, but as a kernel driver it will fit
into the
scheme of our system in a much neater way).

I haven't found any other drivers in the kernel which quite do what I want, and
I don't
particularly want to make a copy of the entire serial driver code and put the
mods into
that (seems like a waste of space). Essentially, what I need is to have a
simple driver which just calls the standard serial port routines to send/receive

Has this been done before, and does anyone have any sample code or hints as to
what I
need to do? We are using kernel 2.2.16 (from RedHat-7.0).


Wayne Price Acropolis Solutions Ltd
Mobile: +44 (0) 7770 376383 Home: +44 (0) 1483 531235
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