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SubjectRe: corruption

On Wed, 29 Nov 2000 wrote:
> I did again a large test comparing two identical trees.
> Found again corruption, and, upon inspection, the disk
> files did not differ - this is in-core corruption only.

Ok. It definitely looks like the 1kB thing has become broken somehow.

The fact that it is in-core only doesn't mean that much - it could still
easily be just problems at read-time, and if you have an IDE disk I would
strongly suggest you try out the patch that Jens Axboe posted,
re-initializing the "head" pointer when doing a re-merge.

That said, the VM/ext2 angle should definitely be looked at too. Nothing
has really changed there in some time - can you give a rough estimate on
when you suspect you started seeing it? Ie is it new to one of the test11
pre-kernels, or does it happen so occasionally that you can't tell whether
it happened much earlier too?


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