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SubjectRE: usbdevfs mount 2x, umount 1x
> From: Alexander Viro []
> On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Randy Dunlap wrote:
> > [I reported this a couple of months back. Got no
> > feedback on it. If it's just a DDT (don't do that)
> > or a user error, please say so.]
> >
> > Summary: After I mount usbdevfs 2 times, and umount it
> > 1 time, the usbcore module use count prevents it from
> > being rmmod-ed.
> So umount it twice.
I don't see a way to umount it twice or I would have done that.
Is there a way?

> And yes, it's "don't do it, then".

> Every mount() increments the use count.
Got that.

> Every umount() decrements it. You want it
> to become 0. Draw your conclusions...
Looks to me like umount unmounted it 2 times and decremented
the use count by 1.

I don't see a way for me to rmmod usbcore. As it is,
I have to reboot the system (or just DDT).


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