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    SubjectRe: rocketport pci question... it stopped working after 250 days uptime
    From: "Federico Grau" <>

    > We have several linux boxes useing 8 port rocketport pci multiport serial
    > cards. Earlier last week 3 of them stopped working within a 24 hour period.
    > These three boxes had similar uptimes (since their last kernel rebuild); 249
    > days, 248 days, 250 days. Comparing the logs of each box, we saw that each
    > box's rocketport stopped working after aproximately 248 days 16 hours uptime.

    If it was 248 days 13 hours 13 minutes 56.48 seconds this represents a 32 bit
    counter on a 5ms clock overflowing. I'd look for that in the RocketPort code.
    Although I remember Jeff remarking about something else failing at about the
    same uptime.

    {^_^} Joanne Dow,

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