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SubjectRe: Fasttrak100 questions...
> > I have defined the terms that are acceptable to a binary module that
> > incorporates GPL code of MINE! This I DEFINE THE TERMS, and they are
> > module only!
> Nope. RMS defined the terms which apply to GPL code. You are free to define any
> other terms you like for your own code, but it is no longer GPLed in that case.

Can I suggest you get a basic US copyright law text out of the local library
and read it before continuing this. You might also want to read up on the
background. Andre took some of his own code and granted them a conditional
seperate license to use some of it in certain ways.

Your comments about the GPL are also incorrect. I can grant additional rights
without something ceasing to GPL providing those rights do not cause a conflict
with the rules the GPL cites notably the 'no additional restrictions'

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