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SubjectRe: KERNEL BUG: console not working in linux
Followup to:  <20001128103352.A377@fourier.home.intranet>
By author: Gianluca Anzolin <>
In newsgroup:
> |No, the problem is the utterly braindamaged way the motherboard chose to
> |enable/disable it (*especially* if it's PCI... sheech, port 92h isn't
> |exactly something new in that timeframe.)
> |
> |What PC/motherboard is this, anyway?
> It's an olivetti, but maybe they bought the mainboard elsewhere I don't
> know. Anyway you can find the lspci -xvv in

It's not "an Olivetti", it has a model number and God Knows What.
From the looks of it they are using a 440FX chipset, which definitely
does not have this problem inherently (and almost certainly handles
port 92h correctly), so whomever wired up this motherboard was even
more of an idiot that I first thought.

If I were you I would take it back and demand a refund. It isn't a PC
you have there.


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"Unix gives you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot."
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