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SubjectRe: bug in count_open_files() or a strange granularity?

On Tue, 28 Nov 2000, Tigran Aivazian wrote:

> it is not basic at all. The problems you point out are extremely complex
> (at least the fd in transit issue, definitely is).
> So, yes it requires a bit more thought. I will come back when the issues
> you pointed out are dealt with. Someone has added the 'files' field to the
> 'struct user_struct' so someone must have meant to put support for this
> field to be something other than the meaningless 0 it currently is.

You know, in such cases usual course of actions is to remove the bloody
thing. It's not used, it's not set to anything useful, semantics is
fundamentally non-obvious, so Occam's Razor applies. Until somebody
comes up with a reasonable use _and_ clear semantics... Trying to invent
one simply because the field is there looks, erm, odd.

POSIX should be renamed to FPOSIX - it is U*IX-like, all right, but POS is
too mild to describe its quality.

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