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SubjectRe: Status of the NTFS driver in 2.4.0 kernels?
It's not a real bug. - It's a call to BUG() in ntfs_get_block which is 
there because the function is not actually implemented. - I have only ever
seen this happen when using midnight commander to browse through an NTFS
partition. - It seems to never happen if I am just in bash typing away or
ftp-ing into the machine with the mounted NTFS partitions.

When are you hitting this? - If you are using mc just refrain from using it
for now for ntfs filesystems and all will be fine.


At 08:33 28/11/2000, Tom Mraz wrote:
>I've tried to use the readonly NTFS driver in 2.4.0-test11 kernel, but it
>reported me a kernel BUG at fs.c:567. I've searched the archives where David
>Weinehall writes that the driver even in readonly mode doesn't support the
>Win2k NTFS. But I don't have Win2k NTFS (I have WinNT 4.0 SP 6) and the
>kernel still reports this bug :-(. The driver from 2.2.17 kernel seems to
>work fine. Could someone help me?
>Please Cc me, because I'm not subscribed to the kernel mailing list. (Or
>don't if you don't want to because I read the archives regularly. :-))
>Tomas Mraz
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