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SubjectRe: 2.2.18pre19 oops in try_to_free_pages
On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 12:57:59PM +0000, you [Alan Cox] claimed:
> > I wasn't the one who used cdrom, so it is possible, that the person in
> > question had been able to eject the cd without unmounting it first. I'll
> > check if the door locking on that device works.
> Also rpm -e magicdev --nodeps if magicdev is on the box.

Oops. Seems that there was one. Looks like I did not check the system well
enough after rh70 install...

> > But you are certain that the oops was eventually caused by these and not
> > by any bug in vm?
> This one . Yes.

Ok, good. So avoiding ejecting cdrom without unmounting first will save me
from further oopses.

> The VM layer isnt causing any oopses I've seen in 2.2.17+. It doesn't always
> make good choices and Rik or Andrea's stuff is on the list after 2.2.18

Yes. The other problem I saw with 2.2.18pre vm wasn't an oops, it was a
rampaging vm rambo that slaughtered my X while it was idle. Admittedly
that is not as severe as oops, so the vm situation is not as bad as I

> (I refuse to mix VM changes with the big driver changes)

No problem.

-- v --
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