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    SubjectRe: Universal debug macros.
    Chmouel Boudjnah wrote:
    > "H. Peter Anvin" <> writes:
    > > It's not that slow compared to a whole distro install, although you would
    > > of course want to do it *optionally*.
    > that would be for sure, but keep in mind by experiences most people
    > sent us a /lot/ of bug reports because they don't know how to do even
    > if we wrote (IT IS ONLY FOR EXPERIENCED PEOPLE). Let say a scenario :
    > dumb^Hjoe user make a expert install even if he don't have any clue
    > about what is a kernel or a compiler or even drivers (yep we have some
    > users like this)
    > joe user choose to compile kernel
    > click on everything (sound fun all this checkboxes)
    > choose to reboot on his kernel (this sound too cook he can make some
    > uname -r on IRC to show ''his'' kernel)
    > reboot and sure he put some idiotic options like IDE in modules.
    > as i said it's a very special case but we have so much strangness in
    > our buisness...
    > You may say that don't let the user choose the wrong option (ie:
    > don't let to choose to put IDE as modules when he has installed on an
    > only IDE partition), but there is too much case to handle...
    > > You wouldn't want to get into every single option, of course, but I
    > what do you purpose of something else of every single of options ?

    I'm talking about crap like the global compile options (processor, SMP,


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