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SubjectRe: RTlinux & Linux Question
On Monday 27 November 2000 02:36, Mastoras wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to use RTlinux to make a unix process wakeup
> periodicaly, in terms of "real time".

Have I understood correctly - you try to use a RTLinux process to get a
finer grained periodical wakeup than linux standard 10 ms?

> 1) the unix process uses 2 system calls, one to make it self periodic, and
> one to suspend its self until the next period.
> 2) The system call that makes the unix process periodic, creates a Rtlinux
> thread, which is periodic with the same period.
> 3) The periodic RT linux thread, sets a flag & sends fakes IRQ0 to linux,
> in order to force its scheduling as soon as possible and then suspends it
> self. (i know that this advances time, but this is not the question right
> now).
> 4) The unix process wakeups perfectely when there is no disk activity, but
> when there is some disk activity ("find /" and/or "updatedb") or the
> period is too small (300us) i noticed that sometimes it loses one or two
> periods. This is very rare, i mean 14 loses in 5000 executions at 5ms
> period.
> 5) The unix process isn't scheduled the appropriate time although that
> every IRQ is received by linux correctly, the myprocess->counter is
> initialized to a very high value (in each period) and
> current->need_resched is set to 1.

You have been hit by the kernel latency, see

(There are patches)

> 6) I don't want to use PSC.

All attempts to guarantee wake up of a linux process within any
time frame will fail.
Applying a low latency kernel patch will help - good enough for many
applications, but no guarantees...

To get guarantees you need to do your stuff in a RTLinux thread.
(and why not, you are already using it?)


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