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SubjectRe: Universal debug macros.

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Rogier Wolff wrote:
> Turns out that people will
> prefer to run the "performance" kernel, and they will send in useless
> bugreports like "my just hangs" much more often than now.

But look at positive side:

1. really few people run development kernels despite the "performance" so
it probably will be with nondebug kernels.
2. production kernels get more solid
3. because there could be a lot more debug points in development kernels
4. Distributors are interested in shipping debug-kernels.

You see the part that lots of asserts and debug prints may go.
I see the advantage, that a lot of them can come, at no cost.

Besides, if you want to have some assert anyway, then do not write it with
system-wide macro but make your own or mark it as "included allways".
Faulty logic.


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