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SubjectRe: syslinux and 2.4.0 initrd size problems

[Jeff V. Merkey]
> I am having trouble getting a 2.4 vmlinuz (bzImage) and initrd image
> onto a 1.44 floppy with all the new stuff.

Check out what Debian did for 2.2 ("potato"). Kernel and syslinux are
on a FAT floppy, and a second floppy holds a raw ext2 image, gzipped.
SYSLINUX.CFG begins like so:

APPEND vga=normal noinitrd load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=1 ramdisk_size=16384 root=/dev/fd0 disksize=1.44
DISPLAY debian.txt

Just before mounting the root filesystem, the kernel says "insert
floppy and press <enter>" or some such.

You can download the images at

See 'rescue.bin' (syslinux+kernel) and 'root.bin' (initrd.gz).

> I there something more current that does or will allow me to
> load the inittrd off a CD-ROM device (with vmlinuz and syslinux
> on the floppy). I know how to do this with GRUB (Grand
> Unified Boot Loader), but I want to use syslinux if possible.

If you can count on having a BIOS that knows how to boot a CD-ROM (i.e.
the BIOS is new enough to be Y2K compliant) you can put a 2.88MB floppy
image on the CD for the BIOS to find. Should be big enough for the
next year or two.

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