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SubjectRe: ext2 filesystem corruptions back from dead? 2.4.0-test11
On Friday November 24, wrote:
> On Fri, 24 Nov 2000, Neil Brown wrote:
> > I ran my test script, which builds a variety of raid5 arrays with
> > varying numbers of drives and chunk sizes, and runs mkfs/bonnie/dbench
> > on each array, and it got through about 8 file systems but choked on
> > the 9th by trying to allocate lots of blocks in the system zone (after
> > running for about an hour).
> Bloody interesting. I don't see anything recent that could affect the
> areas in question. Intersting versions to check: 11-pre5 and 11-pre6.
> It smells like buffer cache corruption, but I don't see anything
> relevant. __generic_unplug_device() change loock pretty innocent,
> ditto for bh_kmap() ones in raid5 and on ext2 side we had two obviously
> equivalent replacements (pre5->pre6). No buffer.c changes, no VM ones.
> Urgh.

Turns out my data is a false alarm. It was a bug in my raid5 code -
and not a recent bug either - that was causing my filesystem

So if your earlier patches work for everybody else then they look like
a good way to go. I have fixed my fatal flaw and I cannot reproduce
the problems any more. Patch has gone to Alan.

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