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    SubjectRe: [BUG] 2.4.0-test11-ac3 breaks raid autodetect (was Re: [BUG] raid5 link error? (was [PATCH] raid5 fix after xor.c cleanup))
    On Sunday November 26, wrote:
    > Neil Brown wrote:
    > >
    > > The following patch changes the link order in the Makefile so that xor
    > > is initiailised before md tries to autostart anything.
    > > It also takes the theme a bit further and uses module_init/module_exit
    > > to init and shutdown the raid personalities. This allows us to remove
    > > the explicit calls to raidXX_init from md.c, which is nice.
    > >
    > > I have tested this patch both
    > > 1/ monolithic kernel and autodetecting an array
    > > 2/ md and all personalities modules
    > >
    > > and it works fine.
    > Sorry to tell you that I just tried linux-2.4.0-test11-ac3 (which has this
    > patch) and I couldn't boot because the kernel detects the raid1 devices
    > but kicks the shortly after. I had to back out this code.

    Thanks for this....

    I have looked more deeply, and discovered the error of my ways.
    As the Makefiles now stand, all export-objs (OX_OBJS) get linked
    before non-export-objs (O_OBJS) in the same directory, independantly
    of any ordering imposed within the Makefile.
    This caused md.o to get linked before raid?.o.
    Due to carelessness on my part I didn't notice this happening when I
    was testing.

    The following patch fixes it. I hope the change to Rules.make is
    acceptable - I have CCed to linux-kbuild incase anyone there has an
    issue with it.

    Even allowing for that though, some of the boot-time messages look
    very strange. Friedrich: could you let me know how the various
    partitions were expected to be combined into raid arrays - from the
    boot log, it looks like there are three single drive raid1 arrays, and
    that doesn't seem to make much sense.


    --- ./drivers/md/Makefile 2000/11/27 02:05:52 1.1
    +++ ./drivers/md/Makefile 2000/11/27 02:09:42 1.2
    @@ -28,6 +28,9 @@
    # Translate to Rules.make lists.
    O_OBJS := $(filter-out $(export-objs), $(obj-y))
    OX_OBJS := $(filter $(export-objs), $(obj-y))
    +# Need to maintain ordering between O_ and OX_ objects, so define ALL_O our selves
    +ALL_O := $(obj-y)
    M_OBJS := $(sort $(filter-out $(export-objs), $(obj-m)))
    MX_OBJS := $(sort $(filter $(export-objs), $(obj-m)))

    --- ./Rules.make 2000/11/27 02:08:52 1.1
    +++ ./Rules.make 2000/11/27 02:09:42 1.2
    @@ -85,7 +85,9 @@
    # Rule to compile a set of .o files into one .o file
    ifdef O_TARGET
    +ifndef ALL_O
    ALL_O = $(OX_OBJS) $(O_OBJS)
    +endif # ALL_O
    $(O_TARGET): $(ALL_O)
    rm -f $@
    ifneq "$(strip $(ALL_O))" ""
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