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Subjectreadonly /proc/sys/vm/freepages (was: Re: PROBLEM: crashing kernels)
On Sun, Nov 26, 2000 at 10:49:50AM +1100, Andrew Morton wrote:
> You may also get some benefit from running:
> # echo "512 1024 1536" > /proc/sys/vm/freepages
> after booting.

... which is a NOOP on recent 2.4.0-testX-kernels. So please
complain at Rik for this (CC'ed him) ;-)

It's simply not that easy to set in the new VM since we count the
inactive_clean and/or inactive_dirty pages like free pages in
some cases.

> The default values are a little too low for
> applications which are very network intensive.

Especially for low memory machines, which are dedicated only for
this purpose. Many people use (embedded) Linux and a (embedded)
PC to cheaply fill functionality gaps in industrial environments.


Ingo Oeser
To the systems programmer, users and applications
serve only to provide a test load.
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