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SubjectKERNEL BUG: console not working in linux
sorry if I'm mailing this twice, but there is a kernel bug in
linux 2.2 and linux 2.4. Linux 2.0 is not affected. I tested also
FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Windows 95 and DOS and they all work.

The problem is that linux doesn't find the video card: after
lilo has loaded the kernel the screen becomes black. The system boots
regularily but the screen stays black forever.

In this PC I haven't configured any framebuffer and there isn't
X Window. The video card is a TRIDENT 9660 and it is integrated on the

I tried to access the system via ssh and I tried to issue the
lspci -xvv command. You can find the output (along with the output of
pciconf -l from FreeBSD) on
lspci can't find the video card; FreeBSD finds it on 0:9.0

I tried then to boot with pci=direct, bios & conf1 (as somebody
told me) but anything changed. I tried also vga framebuffer and to pass
the vga=ask argument to the kernel. Nothing changed.

With vga=ask the system asks to choose a video mode. The system
can also scan all the video modes of the card. But if I choose any of
them the screen becomes black. After some investigation I think the
problem is in arch/i386/boot/video.S but I haven't the skills to debug &

Please, help me, I really hope to use linux on this PC...
otherwise I must use something else.

Thank you,

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