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SubjectRe: Universal debug macros.

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Rogier Wolff wrote:

> Now, how is say "Red Hat" (*) going to ship kernels? Of course they are
> going to turn off debugging. Then I'll be stuck with a non-recompiling
> user-in-trouble with a non-debugging-enabled kernel.

Red Hat will ship two kernels. Well, they actually ship now about 4 ones
or something. So they will ship 8.

Plus they will ship a script that recompiles kernel without user crawling
in documentation.
It should be an option in linuxconf: recompile local kernel:
which compiles and installs 2 hardware/situation optimized/configured
kernels: debug and production.
I am sure company like redhat can ship a little new linuxconf module.

Don't worry, people can make good use of multiple options.
If you provide orthogonal tools they will provide orthogonal solutions.


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