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SubjectRe: [PATCH] removal of "static foo = 0"

Nice to see again a two cutting-edge-killing opinions.

Every time I really wonder, how such brilliant hackers can be that stupid
that they can not have cake and eat it the same time, and have to scratch
each-others eyes every time.

Use macros.

Kernel has become so big that it really needs universal debugging macros
instead of comments. Comments are waste of brain&fingerpower, if the same
can be explained by long variable names and debug macros.

static Subsystem_module_LocalVariableForThisPurpose;

int Subsytem_module_function_this_and_that(){
DEBUG_ASSERT( Subsystem_module_LocalVariableForThisPurpose == 0 );
DEBUG_ASSERT(MOST_OF_TIME,FS_AREA,MYFS_MODULE, somethingaboutIndodes->node != NULL )

Those macros would be acceptable if they are unified and taken to
kernel configuration level, so it would be easy to switch them in/out
not only as boolean option but systematically for different levels,
subsystems and modules.


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