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Subjectsetting up pppd dial-in on linux

Anyone out there a whiz at setting up a pppd dialin server? I am
trying to put together an RPM for pppd dialin configurations
that will support default Windows NT and Linux dial in clients
without requiring the poor user to learn bash scripting, chat
scripting, mgetty and inittab configuration, etc. The steps
in setting this up are about as easy as going on a U.N. relief
mission to equatorial Africa, and most customers who are
"mere mortals" would give up about an hour into it.

I am seeing massive problems with pppd dial-in and IP/IPX
routing with problems that range from constant Oops, to
the bug infested pppd daemon failing valid MD5 chap
authentication. The HOW-TO's and man pages provide
wonderful commentary on all the things about pppd
that don't work, but it's not too helpful on getting
it to work reliably. An NT dial-in server takes about
5 minutes to configure on W2K. Linux takes about 2 days, and
won't stay up reliably.

Who out there is an expert on Linux pppd that would like
to help put together some easy configs for standard
dial-in scenarios?



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