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SubjectRe: setting up pppd dial-in on linux
"Jeff V. Merkey" wrote:

> Anyone out there a whiz at setting up a pppd dialin server? I am
> trying to put together an RPM for pppd dialin configurations
> that will support default Windows NT and Linux dial in clients
> without requiring the poor user to learn bash scripting, chat
> scripting, mgetty and inittab configuration, etc. The steps
> in setting this up are about as easy as going on a U.N. relief
> mission to equatorial Africa, and most customers who are
> "mere mortals" would give up about an hour into it.

Red Hat's ppp client setup is about a 90 second job

> I am seeing massive problems with pppd dial-in and IP/IPX
> routing with problems that range from constant Oops, to
> the bug infested pppd daemon failing valid MD5 chap
> authentication. The HOW-TO's and man pages provide
> wonderful commentary on all the things about pppd
> that don't work, but it's not too helpful on getting
> it to work reliably. An NT dial-in server takes about
> 5 minutes to configure on W2K. Linux takes about 2 days, and
> won't stay up reliably.

hmm, an awful lot of ISPs use Linux dialup servers...

I set up a linux ppp server back in 1996 - things might have
changed, but it seemed fairly straightforward at the time -

can't imagine it's gotten worse since then...

> Who out there is an expert on Linux pppd that would like
> to help put together some easy configs for standard
> dial-in scenarios?

Crunch time for me right now, finals coming right up...

I'll bet there's quite a few ISP-savvy admins who could
lend a hand though -


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