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Subject*_trylock return on success?

Background information:
compiled and tested a test11 with the Montavista preemptive patch.
After pressing Magic-SysRq-M all processes that tried to do IO hung in 'D'
Last message "Buffer memory ..."
Pressing Magic-SysRq-M again, all hung processes continued...

Checking the patch it looks like this

printk("Buffer memory: %6dkB\n",
atomic_read(&buffermem_pages) << (PAGE_SHIFT-10));

-#ifdef CONFIG_SMP /* trylock does nothing on UP and so we could deadlock */
- if (!spin_trylock(&lru_list_lock))
+#if defined(CONFIG_SMP) || defined(CONFIG_PREEMPT)
+ if (!mutex_trylock(&lru_list_mtx))
for(nlist = 0; nlist < NR_LIST; nlist++) {

Ok, so I run some more code now than before (UP system with PREEMPT).
mutex_trylock is defined as:

+#define mutex_trylock(x) down_trylock(x)

Noticed that if the spin_trylock returns 0 on success, I will get the
behavior I see.
Not printing buffer info first time.
Holding the lock - stopping other fs processes.
Failing the mutex_trylock next attempt, interprete as success
- continuing and printing the buffer info.
- finally release the mutex

I removed the not (!) and now it works as expected.

What are _trylocks supposed to return?
Does spin_trylock and down_trylock behave differently?
Why isn't the expected return value documented?


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