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SubjectBooting AMD Elan520 without BIOS

I'm trying to boot an AMD Elan520 board without bios
with kernel 2.4.0-test10 configured for i486 and PCI direct access.
This kernel boots correctly from HD using the bios provided with the
evaluation board but kernel 2.4.0-test8 and previous hang
after "Ok booting the kernel".
Currently I have the SDRam configured, the PCI peripherals
initialized (with AMD code), the GDT loaded in RAM and the CPU
in 32 bit mode. The empty_zero_page is configured with the RAM
and a command line (using code from LinuxBios and kernel startup).
I decompress directly from rom to 0x100000 the
kernel image and then I jump there.
The last message I see is "Calibrating delay loop"
(I see this thaks to the Jtag debugger for Elan520 because
I haven't configured the VGA board yet).

May somebody enumerate the requirements to boot the kernel
I mean the peripherals,system configuration etc.


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