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SubjectRe: 2.2.16: How to freeze the kernel
On Fri 2000-11-24 (09:10), Ulrich Windl wrote:
> Hello,
> At that point I pressed "RESET", and interestingly the builtin BIOS of
> the Adaptec 2740 (EISA) hung while trying to detect the device.
> Only after powering down both, the CD writer and the machine (a HP
> Netserver LD Pro), the BIOS detected the device again. So I guess
> something badly hung...

For bad sector management I use an old EISA 486 also equipped with
a 2740 card, this one show the same behaviour when I run scsifmt
under DOS and get an old drive with incorrect termination or a bad
controller. Have to switch everything off, even the RESET switch
won't help. I'd blame the BIOS only.

BTW, the built in SCSI utilities are buggy - one cannot rescan the bus...

Are there still upgrades (EISA is meant to be upgradeable) floating

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