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SubjectRe: changing BIOS setting
Andrew Park wrote:
> Is there a way to change BIOS setting (like boot sequence)
> from the kernel space? Any pointers would be appreciated.

Yes. All the BIOS does is configure your hardware. Get docs on your
hardware, and you can do anything that BIOS does. For example, if your
parallel port is disabled in BIOS, and you have the datasheet for your
southbridge, then you can "manually" enable the parallel port by writing
certain values to certain PCI config registers.

That said, it is generally a bad idea to do this sort of thing. Unless
you have a cluster full of machines that all have a BIOS-related
problem, or similar, you should just reboot and adjust your BIOS...

Of course, if you are really motivated, you could just flash your own
BIOS. Check out



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