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SubjectRe: LKCD from SGI
On 24 Nov 2000 16:40:50 -0700, (Eric W. Biederman) wrote:
>Peter Samuelson <> writes:
>> [Matt D. Robinson]
>> > Any way we can standardize 'make install' in the kernel? It's
>> > disturbing to have different install mechanisms per platform ...
>> > I can make the changes for a few platforms.
>> 2.5 material, already on the todo list.
>What is the thought on this. There is an issue with different
>boot loaders needing rather dramatically different formats...

2.5 kernel build wish list[1] has a couple of entries for standardising
the install targets. My thinking (and I know that some people disagree
with this) is that the standard targets of a linux compile are only

* vmlinux
* modules in the kernel tree (not installed yet)
* any other bits and pieces that are required to compile external
modules against this config.

The install phases are many and varied, depending on whether you are
installing on this machine, on another machine, does your boot loader
understand ELF, do you have to do the [b]zImage fiddling first, are you
doing a network boot from ROM, a network boot over tftp etc.

In current kernels the install phases are mixed in with the compile
phase which makes it difficult to handle different install targets.
2.5 will have a default make target which does the compile phase but
does nothing that is install related, i.e. default is no [b]zImage, no
modules_install etc. There will be separate install targets for any
combination that is required and for which people can be bothered
writing the make scripts.

[1] ftp://ftp.<country>

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