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SubjectRe: gcc-2.95.2-51 is buggy

On Fri, 24 Nov 2000, Neil Brown wrote:

> Ditto for gcc-2.95.2-13 from Debian (potato). It exhibits the same
> bug.
> Debian applies a total of 49 patches to gcc and the libraries.
> I am tempted to write a little script which discards the patches one
> by one and re-builds and re-tests each time, and leave it going all
> night.... but I'm not sure if I actually will.

Not all of them are applied on x86:
% cat stamps/02-patch-stamp-*|less
bootstrap patches applied.
cpp-dos-newlines patches applied.
cpp-macro-doc patches applied.
gcc-cvs-updates-20000220 patches applied.
gcc-default-arch patches applied.
gcc-empty-struct-init patches applied.
gcc-manpage patches applied.
gcc-pointer-arith patches applied.
gcj-debian-policy patches applied.
gcj-vs-iconv patches applied.
gpc-2.95 patches applied.
gpc-updates patches applied.
libg++-update patches applied.
libobjc patches applied.
libstdc++-bastring patches applied.
libstdc++-out-of-mem patches applied.
libstdc++-wall3 patches applied.
libstdc++-wstring patches applied.
reporting patches applied.

And only 4 have any chance to be relevant: gcc-cvs-updates-20000220,
gcc-default-arch, gcc-empty-struct-init. Unfortunately, the first one
is ~100Kb worth of changes. Hmmm... After some cleaning the whole thing
boils down to 11Kb. And I seriously suspect that relevant bits are
in cse.c, loop.c or toplev.c, with the first two being the most likely
candidates (all coming from the -cvs-updates-20000220)...

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