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SubjectRe: binary garbage in dmesg/boot messages (2.2.18pre23)
> BIOS Vendor: Intel Corporation
> BIOS Version: 1.00.10.DD04
> BIOS Release: 03/19/97
> System Vendor: Sony Corporation.
> Product Name: PCV-70(U2).
> Version Sony GI.
> Serial Number 1003494.
> Board Vendor: Intel Corporation.
> Board Name: Agate.
> Board Version: AA662195-305.

So far so good

> BIOS Vendor: f.=A3^]<94>fA=E8^D.=A3ESC<94>^N^_

This looks like the table end markers are missing or the length was wrong.
If you change

static int __init dmi_table(u32 base, int len, int num, void (*decode)(struct d
char *buf;
struct dmi_header *dm;
u8 *data;
int i=0;

in arch/i386/kernel/dmi_scan.c to use

int i=1;

does it then behave nicely ?

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