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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: Cruft mounting option incorrect in ISOFS code
Alan Cox wrote:
> > under 1 gig in size. You can exhibit the problem by mounting the dvd movie
> > "The World is Not Enough" as it contains a video_ts.vob which is larger than
> > 1 gigabyte. You will see that most of the file lengths are incorrect due to
> > the "cruft mounting option" hacking off the high order byte. There are
> > certainly many more movies out there that exhibit this problem so it would
> > be a good thing for someone to fix.

> The cruft thing is correct in itself. The size being 4Gb is trivial
> to change providing someone can provide a reference to the standards
> that say its ok. So is the limit 4Gig, who documents it ?

Page 137 of DVD Demystified by Jim Taylor says:

- Individual files must be less than or equal to 1 gigabyte in length.

(i.e. I think the DVD is out of spec....)


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